Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

Anyone could have developed the blues over the past 18 months, but things are finally starting to look better as the world is starting to open up again.

Fortunately, while we were cooped up inside, our phones, laptops, tablets, and TVs were there to keep us amused and connected. So it wasn't all bad. That inevitably means that we are spending more time staring at screens, and that there has never been a better time to consider shielding your eyes from damaging blue light.

If you're not familiar with blue light in general, it comes from a variety of sources, with the sun being the main one. It's not all terrible, as studies suggest that it may even improve mood and focus during the day. 

Blue light glasses are useful because some blue light (the blue-violet kind emitted from digital screens) can cause eye strain. If you've heard of them and are wondering, "Do blue light glasses work?," keep reading to learn more about what to anticipate.

exposure to blue light each day

Your eyes are working overtime if you have a digital-based job because you presumably spend the entire day staring at a laptop or computer screen. It's challenging to turn off the harmful blue light that is emitted by the screens on our smartphones, tablets, and TVs even when we are not at work.

Blue light glasses are a great option to consider if you spend a lot of time on screens (10 hours or more on average each day). They lessen the strain on your eyes when you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, play video games on a console or PC, or just watch TV.

How Can They Aid in Reducing Eye Strain?

Blue light glasses are made to filter harmful blue-violet light while allowing beneficial blue-turquoise light to flow through. They are offered with both non-prescription and prescription lenses. Blue light glasses are the ideal pair of eyeglasses since they not only aid to ease eye strain, dryness, and inflammation, but they can also enhance sleep.

Our selection of blue light solutions is packed with high-end functionality to support all of the aforementioned. Try SightRelax blue light glasses, which have special lenses for relief from digital eye strain and are great for digital reading thanks to their subtle magnification in the bottom parts of each lens which boosts your vision and makes screen time enjoyable. 

You can also try EBDBlue Plus glasses for advanced blue light filtering, EBDBlue 360 glasses for premium anti-glare coatings, or SightRelax 360 glasses.

Who Is Appropriate for Blue Light Glasses?

Even if you don't require vision correction, you may still wear a pair of our blue light glasses at your desk because they are available in both non-prescription and prescription eyewear. But if you do have a prescription, it's simple to incorporate it into a pair of blue light-filtering  sunglass lenses to make them just for your eyes.

Whether you use glasses or not, blue light glasses are the way to go if you use a smartphone, computer, video gaming console, or just enjoy decent television. 

Choose your preferred frame from our assortment, then select your blue light lenses before giving your eyes a well-deserved break. The benefits of screen time just got considerably more blue!