When you visit various websites, the server farms send "cookies," brief messages, to your internet browser. A tiny file named cookie.txt is used to store these cookies. Certain details on you, like your identity, address, and hobbies, are contained in this database. Since you no longer need to input your login information each time you access a website, this makes digital shopping more convenient and web browsing simpler. However, one should always clear cookies and memory after surfing to be secure and protected.

Although there are many other kinds of cookies, stored and third-party cookies are the types you should be concerned about. Cookies that are saved track your internet choices and only last for a set time. On the contrary, third-party ads gather your information and sell it to marketers.

Why is clearing cookies important?

Consider using a shared laptop at work to check an email message or a public workstation to buy online at a limited number of locations. If you don't clear the data kept for each visit, the individual who signs in after you might view your whole browsing history.

Even while not every user comes in to hack into other people's accounts every day, there is a potential that the person after you may log into your internet banking or retail accounts under your name, or even worse.

When you first access a site, the webpages you view are stored on your hard disc. Instead of downloading the pages over, it can load significantly faster on multiple visits. Nevertheless, as time passes, you'll gather many cookies, slowing down your computer.

Cookies keep track of the websites you visit and the purchases you make. Websites may then monitor you and follow you around the internet to create a more thorough profile of your online activity or target you with more advertisements.

Clearing Specific Site cookies in Chrome for IOS

Please be aware that deleting your cookies may cause you to lose access to your Google account. Make sure to change your email address and recovery mobile number if you need to prove your identity so that logging back in will be simple.

Follow these simple steps to clear site cookies on your IOS:

  • Launch the Chrome app and go to the different site you wish to clear its history and cookies from.
  • Select the menu by clicking the three-dot icon.
  • Select Settings by clicking.
  • Touch the Clear Cache, Clear Cookies, and Site Data buttons.

Clearing Specific Site cookies in Chrome for IOS

Follow these simple steps to clear site cookies on your Android:

  • Launch the Chrome app, then go to the desired website.
  • Tap the menu icon, which resembles three dots.
  • Select Settings by tapping it.
  • Select Site settings.
  • Click All Sites. You may view all the websites' cache and cookie data at one location.
  • Choose the website whose cookies you wish to delete.
  • Then select Reset and Clear.

Is there anything you need to do after deleting cookies?

On websites, certain settings are removed. You will have to sign in again, for instance, if you were already logged in. Because information, such graphics, must load repeatedly, certain websites may appear to load more slowly. You can access Chrome domains like google.com and youtube.com while signed in to Chrome.

Hackers have accessed viewing histories on many occasions by stealing cookies. In the long run, it also results in losing your surfing or personal information.

When you consent to a cookie being placed on your computer, a website can track the sites you view or the transactions you make to show you more relevant adverts.

Some websites could briefly load more slowly after you erase the data from your Chrome browser because they need to refresh some of your prior content. Additionally, a number of the options on the websites you visit regularly can be outdated. You must thus sign onto these websites again.


Google Chrome has grown to be the most widely used web browser around the world, being used daily by millions of individuals from all over the world. Several methods can help you secure Google Chrome and ensure the security of your credentials and other confidential material. Making sure your data is secure is essential, given the prevalence of online crime. It is also saved online while adopting all necessary security measures.

So specific site cookies can hamper your digital experience when browsing through Chrome on your Android or IOS phone. That’s why we think the above guide will provide insight into how to combat these problems right away. If you do not want to take any chances, then consider using a Black Friday VPN.